Why Us

Making A Difference, One Vehicle Donation At A Time.

Donate Your Vehicle with Peace of Mind

By donating a vehicle in any condition, you are making a difference in our local community and around the world.

It’s a claim we make every day and we back it up. 100% of your vehicle donation goes to help our local community and toward projects throughout the world. Rotary Clubs throughout the U.S. support their local communities. Here in the Bay Area, the Clayton/Concord Rotary Club plays a key role in supporting charities like:

  • Avon Breast Cancer Walk
  • Contra Costa Food Bank
  • Dictionary Project
  • Salvation Army Thanksgiving Turkey Drive

and dozens more charities, educational, food and shelter support organizations.

In addition, donations go toward projects throughout the world by supporting Rotary International, our parent organization.

The Bay Area is a diverse set of people and communities. According to a January 2013 report by the nonprofit advocacy group the Center for the Next Generation, nearly half of California’s children live in poverty or “perilously close” to it.

Making A Difference

Over $200,000 dollars are donated each year by Cars2ndChance.

When making a vehicle donation, the donor may select from the partner recipients list so the partner receives 50% of the vehicle donation proceeds. Partner page link.

Cars2ndChance is supported by the Rotary Club of Clayton Valley/Concord Sunrise which was chartered in May 1987 and locally serves  the Town of Clayton and the Clayton Valley area of Concord. The club is involved in many projects around the world but and has projects that are important in the local community as well. Read about the projects being supported.